What equipment/software do I need for a CFG course?

In order to participate in our courses, you will need a functional laptop or desktop computer, whether it runs on Mac, Linux or Windows. Chromebook, iPads and other tablets are not compatible currently.

It is essential that your device is updated with the latest software and that you have authorisation to download software. We recommend downloading the Slack app, as this is where we will be communicating with you. You will receive a Slack link to join your specific course channel.

There are no fees associated with the course materials, and we will never ask for payment. If you encounter difficulties downloading the software, please reach out to your tutors in the class Slack channel for assistance. Our community support team are here to help you with your applications, and they do not have specialised technical expertise, unlike our fabulous Instructors!

We have a few tables below that will show which specific software you will need for the specific CFG course that you will take with us!

Kickstarter Classes


Course What to install
DevOps MOOC  
Python (for data) Jupyter Notebook
Intro to Coding  
Intro to Data MySQL, Workbench Community Edition, MySQL Server Community Edition
Intro to Python PyCharm, Python 3
Intro to Web Dev VSCode
Intro to JavaScript VSCode
Assessments inc. HackerRank  
Git and GitHub Git, a GitHub account, PyCharm and Python 
Career development  
Machine Learning  Python 3, Jupyter Notebook
Java JDK, IntelliJ IDEA communty edition
AI/ML Jupyter Notebook
Intro To Interactive Websites VSCode


Kickstarter Classes

Classes What to install
JavaScript You'll need to register for the website codepen.io
Data and SQL MySQL Workbench Community Edition, MySQL Server Community Edition
Python & Apps Python 3, PyCharm
Web Dev class VSCode, Git, a GitHub ACC



Specialisation What to install
CFGdegree Foundation MySQL Workbench, You'll need to register to the codepen.io website, PyCharm
Software PyCharm
Data Jupyter Notebooks
Full Stack VSCode/Atom
Product Management  



Specialisation What to install
Data analyst Google Colab
DevOps and Cloud An Amazon Work Space account to start with although this will be completed in respective lessons.
Mobile app development Any code editor like VS Code or Atom; install specific tools like Node.js, NPM and Watchmen (Linux and Mac)

Please note, if you are having trouble installing items we recommend speaking to your tutors via Slack as they can help resolve the issue for you in real time  💻