What should I expect after my company interview?

By this stage of the application process, you may be wondering what the next steps would be following your interview. This article will give you detailed knowledge of what to expect after the interview has been conducted as well as what CFG can do to support you. 

Once we have been notified of the outcome of the interview you had with the company in the previous weeks, we will contact you as soon as possible. Sometimes, due to no fault of our own, timescales for different company interviews may vary which means we may not be able to give precise information on the date in which you may hear back from the company. If by any chance interviews run past the date of the start of the cohort, this will be communicated with you directly.


We aim to let you know the outcome as soon as possible, but things do happen outside of Code First Girl’s control 🙏

If other applicants have heard back about their company interview a bit earlier than you have, there's no need to worry as every company has a different process and timeline.

Some companies will reach out directly to successful candidates, therefore do keep an eye on your inbox during this timeframe or expect a phone call regarding your outcome . On occasion, you may also receive a phone call or email from one of CFG's Client Success Managers who manage communication between companies and candidates. 

If you are successful, CFG will send you a learner's agreement. Please sign this and return it as soon as possible for us to onboard you onto the course. Once signed, you will receive a copy of the Student Handbook , and invitation to a welcome virtual session to find out more about the course, meet your course mates and ask any questions you may have before starting the course.


Please double-check you can meet all requirements, including accepting the salary before signing the agreement ⭐


As the role is unlikely to start for a few months, please bear with the company providing contract information, usually companies will wait until closer to the end of the course if you have been offered a role. If you have changed your mind - please let us and the company know as soon as possible so that they can offer the place to another candidate.

What if I'm unsuccessful in my company interview? 

Due to the highly competitive nature of our courses, we will have some unsuccessful candidates. If you are unsuccessful at the interview stage, we will notify you of this as soon as possible. CFG encourages companies to share their feedback on applicants where feasible, but unfortunately, there may be times when this is not possible, we would recommend that you reach out directly to the company to ensure you get the feedback you deserve. 

In the event that spaces become available for sponsorship-only opportunities or if some candidates decline their place, Code First Girls may reach out to you separately. While these instances are not guaranteed and only occur on certain cohorts, you have the option to decline this offer if you prefer. It's important to note that this alternative pathway could provide another chance for you to participate, but declining is completely up to you.

Moving forward, you are welcome to re-apply again to another cohort (it can take several attempts before being successful for a place). Well done getting this far, and best of luck at the interview stage!