What is a MOOC? How do I apply?

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are free beginner online coding courses. They are available live or on-demand for anybody who wishes to sign up!


Am I eligible?

If you are aged 18+ then you are eligible. It's that simple! We even run MOOCs for 16-17 year olds sometimes - it will be specified on the MOOC listing. For a MOOC Challenge we would recommend taking the related MOOC Sprint first - learn about the difference here.

Are class recordings available?

MOOC Sprints

Yes! If you follow the original link to the session, it will be hosted on YouTube, free to watch any time. Live attendance to a MOOC Sprint is not necessary.

MOOC Challenges

A recording of the kick off session is available, but we would recommend attending live as you need to confirm your place in the challenge within the next few days. If you are chosen as a finalist (well done!) you would need to be able to present your project live in the final session.

What equipment do I need?

For a comprehensive guide on equipment needed, please check here.

How do I achieve a certificate?

For MOOC Sprints, if you have passed all quizzes with full marks within the deadline (two weeks after the final session) you are eligible for a certificate. Certificates are issued up to two weeks after the deadline so please be patient with us while we send these out.

For MOOC Challenges, you will be eligible for a certificate upon successful completion of the project within the specified deadline. Certificates are issued up to two weeks after the final deadline.

If two weeks have elapsed and you believe your MOOC certificate is missing, please reach out to our support team.

Can I withdraw/defer?

If you would like to withdraw from a MOOC sprint/challenge, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting the Community Support team via this form. We do not process deferring requests for MOOCs as there are no waiting lists and you can sign up to the next suitable class. 


FYI: We will always email you from a @codefirstgirls.com email address. Please report and block any spam emails. 

We normally email from moocs@codefirstgirls.com when dealing with your MOOC-related queries.