What is the CFGdegree?

The CFGdegree is a completely free intermediate 16-week course designed to get women and non-binary people into tech roles or mentorship opportunities. It is aimed at students who have already taken our Kickstarter classes or MOOCs. It takes place three times a year - Spring, Summer and Autumn. To view upcoming cohort dates please click here.


Which specialisations do you offer?

We currently offer specialisations in Software and Data Engineering, Data Science, Full-Stack and Product Management - depending on client sponsorship. 

During the foundational 9 weeks of the course, you will learn skills and programming that will prepare you for your chosen specialisation.

If you are doing Software or Data Engineering or Data Science specialisations, you will cover 
Git and GitHub, Python, SQL & Data, debugging, testing, and APIs with Python DB.

If you are doing Product Management or Full-Stack specialisations, you will cover Git and GitHub, JavaScript, SQL, debugging, testing, and APIs with Node.js.

When you come back from your 1-week break, you will then commence your specialisation training. You can view each specialisation and the included modules in more depth here

You can pick any pathway after passing our tech assessment, so don't worry too much about which beginner's course you choose ⭐

Am I eligible?

The CFGdegree is a free opportunity for those who identify as women or non-binary and would like to start a career in tech.

We would recommend taking a Kickstarter class or MOOC related to the specialisation you are interested in so you have the knowledge to pass our Tech Assessment.

You must be available to accept a position within the sponsoring company and in their selected working region if specified. Some spaces are mentorship opportunities that do not lead to a job offer. This will be clear in the description of the opportunity.

Each sponsoring company has different requirements, so it’s important that you read each application carefully – especially regarding location, educational background and eligibility to work in the UK.

If you would like information on visas, please visit this article.

Do you feel like you may be too advanced for the CFGdegree? Do you already have a career in tech? I would recommend applying for our MLA instead!

We never ask students to pay for the CFGdegree - before OR after! 🚫

What equipment do I need?

You need a working laptop or desktop computer. This can be Mac, Linux, or Windows. Participants using Chromebooks may run into some difficulties. iPads or other tablets will not work with the courses. Please also make sure that your device is up-to-date with the latest software and that you have permission to download software to the device.

All course materials are free of charge and we will not ask for payment to use them. If you are having trouble downloading the software, please ensure that you are using the free/community version of each platform.

FYI: We will always email you from a @codefirstgirls.com email address. Please report and block any spam emails. 

We normally email from cfgdegree@codefirstgirls.com unless you have reached the final stage of CFGdegree applications, you may be contacted from employee-specific email addresses.

Still need help? Ask us!