What is the +Masters? How do I apply?

This article tells you what the +Masters is and about eligibility and the length of the course

Code First Girls introduced our CFGdegree to help candidates find jobs in the tech industry and to make up for the gender gap in tech with our 16 week bootcamp - aligning with our mission to make coding accessible for women! The following article describes the +Masters.


What is the +Masters?

+Masters Eligibility

+Masters Specialisations

+Masters Certification

The +Masters

The Code First Girls +Masters is a four-week intensive course that helps students extend their career pathways by studying specialised modules in DevOps & Cloud, Cyber Security, Mobile App Development or Data Analyst.

The +Masters courses will be timed to commence approximately one week after each CFGdegree cohort finishes. Each course runs for four weeks and, like our CFGdegree, it will run four nights per week (Monday – Thursday) between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm.

Aside from the lessons and virtual learning over the four weeks, learners will also need to pass a final assessment to receive their certification. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the +Masters is similar to all of our classes/courses being that you need to be aged 18+ and be a woman or non-binary person.

To take part in the +Masters, you will need to apply for a role at a company that is sponsoring both CFGdegree +Masters learning.

 You can check out the list of companies that currently provide this on our +Masters page, which you can access here. 👈

+Masters Specialisations

The +Masters currently runs 4 specialisations which are DevOps & Cloud, Mobile App Development, Data Analyst or Cyber Security.  

DevOps & Cloud (Deployment)

The skills you will learn in our DevOps & Cloud (Deployment) +Masters will allow you to continue on your software engineering career pathway, with roles including DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Cloud Engineer, and more! While doing the DevOps & Cloud specialisation you will be working with AWS, Azure & Google Cloud fundamentals as well as using Docker and containers.

Mobile App Development

The skills you will learn in our Mobile App Development +Masters will allow you to continue on your developer pathway, with roles including iOS or Android Developer / Engineer, Mobile Engineer and Full-Stack Developer just to name a few! You'll get a chance at Responsive Design & Norman Doors and a chance to look at States and lifecycle methods. 

Data Analyst

The skills you will learn in our Data Analyst +Masters will allow you to explore a wide variety of roles across tech such as a Business Analyst, Data Business Analyst, Quantitative Analyst and more! The Data Analyst specialisation allows you to partake in data project maintenance as well as using data collection methods with Excel. 

Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security program will equip you with the skills to pursue diverse roles in the tech industry, including positions such as Computer Forensic Analyst, Security Engineer, and IT Security Specialist. You'll be dealing with network security and encryption techniques whilst taking the +Masters. 

+Masters Certification

Candidates who successfully pass the +Masters will receive a certification recognising their learning achievement and specialisation.


If you have any questions regarding visa details on our +Masters course you can read our visa-related article here.  🤔