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How often do you run Coding Kickstarter classes? At what times?

Our Coding Kickstarter classes run for 8 weeks, with one 2-hour session per week. These introduction classes are best for those wanting to start out their coding journey and will give you a solid introduction to Python and Apps, JavaScript, Web Development or Data and SQL.

We place new classes on our website on a rolling basis throughout the year, usually one month in advance. All of our classes take place remotely on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. 

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Do all your Kickstarter classes take place from 18:30-20:30 GMT/BST?

Currently, our classes that are run for our UK students will take place once a week 18:30 to 20:30 GMT (BST in Summer). This may be different if you are in our international classes and the times may vary, so please do take a look at the class you are applying to confirm you can do the hours.