Where do I start?

Whether you're a coding newbie or looking to enhance your skills, this article will help you embark on your coding adventure and gain tech confidence with Code First Girls! All of our courses are 100% free and take place remotely.

As long as you are a woman or non-binary person who is 18 or over, you are eligible to start your journey with CFG. We do have specific requirements for each programme we run. Check the pages for each course to check if you are eligible! 

We suggest new students either enrol in our MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) or take our Coding Kickstarter classes.


The MOOCs are streamed online and allow anybody to tune in (which is helpful if you want to dip your toe in the coding world!). The MOOCs are also available on demand which is ideal for people with different schedules, as our classes are currently live-only. Our courses include MOOC Sprints and MOOC Challenges - we recommend beginning with a Sprint. This article explains the difference in more detail.

Coding Kickstarter

The Coding Kickstarter classes take it up a notch, lasting two hours a week for 8 weeks, and help you get started learning how to code.. These introductory classes are best for those wanting to kickstart their coding journey and will give you a solid introduction to Python and Apps, Web Development, Javascript or Data and SQL. These live sessions are taught by experienced instructors, and once complete, you will be eligible to apply to our CFGdegree programme (click for more information!).

All of our courses can be applied to via our courses page. Our MOOCs and Classes take place remotely one night a week. If you're looking for more information on what courses we offer here at CFG, we recommend reading through this article!

Please note that to be eligible for our classes and MOOCs you must identify as a woman or non-binary and be 18+  💁

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If you want to get more involved with CFG and become an CFG Ambassador or an instructor on any of our courses, please see our opportunities page for more information.


FYI: We will always email you from a @codefirstgirls.com email address. Please report and block any spam emails. 

We normally email from programmes@codefirstgirls.com when we are responding to your queries unless you have reached the final stage of CFGdegree or MLA applications, you may be contacted from employee specific addresses. 

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